About Us


Our Approach

Sports are for the fans right? Well, we’re taking a new approach to sport journalism! Two lads who are out to report on sports as the fans would see them! Real fan reports by real fans!

With regular reports across a multitude of sports, and regular features such as Outposts, The 92 and more, we’re looking to get to the heart of the sports, their fans and everything else!

We’re also looking at the best in entertainment as well – gigs, concerts, films – we’ll review the best in culture too!

Our Story

We’re two lads who met through work. We both have a love for journalism, a love for sport and a love for niche 1990’s Premier League players. We wanted to be able to put our love for sports to good use, and use our passion for writing, hence JMMedia was born!

Meet the Team

Meet the brains behind the beauty…


Matthew Frost

Lead Journalist


Ipswich Town fan for his sins. Lover of the blues, non-league and just about any sport on earth…


Jake Monaghan

Lead Journalist


Tottenham fan. Once was able to name the past clubs of Tore Andre Flo from memory.